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Tool Chest

  • Tool chest sizes include 32”, 40”, and 46”
  • Designed for a rough and tough environment
  • The 32” and 40” are designed to fit under tunnel cover
  • All models are built with 1/8” aluminum body and 10 gauge stainless steel tool holders
  • Come with heavy duty stainless steel hinges, push button locks, and gas springs
  • Dust proof units
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High Quality
High Capacity


Upland Tool Chests are designed and built for a rough and tough environment. Heavy-duty construction means that these chests are ready to get to work and stay at work.

Lock Down
What Matters


Heavy duty stainless steel hinges, a push button lock, and gas springs ensure that your tools are easy to get at when you need them, and safely secured when you don’t.

Tools Stay In
Dust Stays Out


Dust proof seals on all Tool Chest lids ensure that your tools won’t get any dirtier in the back of your truck than they will in the shop.

Need something custom built?

We can build to your exact specifications to ensure you can find a product that satisfies your need. Get in touch with us to start a conversation about getting your Upland product made to order.