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Flat Bed Toolbox Sides

  • Designed to fit pickup trucks with 5 ½” , 6 ½” and 8′ boxes
  • Haul an extra 2000 lbs on top
  • Armergaurd top for grip with tie down D rings on side
  • Optional tool organizing in drawers
  • Standard wide of 8”
  • 42″ and 52″ Long models or full length of box
  • Pick your side drawer set up
  • Miscellaneous shelves compartment with 1″ dividers
  • Tool organizer drawer holds 32 wrenches, 25 screwdrivers, 7 pliers and 3 spray cans
  • Sockets organizer drawer holds 57 deep sockets, 57 shallow sockets
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Pickup Truck Side

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